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Waterhog Floor Mats For Entrances

Waterhog entrance mats are the most common type of floor mats on the market today. They are used by all types of businesses, from hotels to restaurants. These large mats are known for being durable enough to last for years, even in the harshest of conditions.

Original Waterhog floor mats are made of heavy-duty polypropylene that is stain and mildew resistant.

What Is The Appeal Of Waterhog Entrance Floor Mats?

Given the importance of floor mats, businesses require long-lasting mats that can be relied on to do the job. These mats keep visitors from tracking dirt and moisture into your facility, reduce the risk of slip and fall accidents, and won’t slide around on the floor.

Waterhog entrance floor mats are also popular for the following reasons:

• They are extremely long-lasting.

• You can select from a wide range of styles, colors, and shapes.

• They are simple to clean.

• You can modify them to meet your specific needs.

• They’re ideal for high-traffic areas.

Another factor that contributes to their popularity is the wide range of options available, which makes it simple to find entrance mats that are ideal for your specific business.

Waterhog Entrance Mats Come In A Variety Of Styles

These floor mats are more than just a way to keep dirt from tracking into your facility. They can help you improve your surroundings so that you can make a good first impression on anyone who walks into your place of business. The following are the various Waterhog entrance floor mats that offer to help your business stand out in a good way:

• Indoor/Outdoor Mats- These have reinforced rubber nubs for durability in high traffic areas, as well as molded rubber borders to trap dirt, debris, and moisture.

Waterhog Classic Mats Vs Waterhog Fashion Mats

Many of most loved Waterhog mats come in two styles. The Waterhog Classic Mats have a traditional black beveled design, while the Waterhog Fashion Mats (also known as the Waterhog Classic Fashion Mats), are made with matching fabric borders. The question, “Which Waterhog mat is best for you?” is often asked.

When deciding between the Waterhog Classic and Waterhog Fashion mats, the first thing to consider is the environment where the mat will be used. The classic version with its heavy-duty rubber construction is used in areas that are high traffic and heavy use. This includes schools, offices, hospitals, busy retail outlets, and other places where hundreds, or even thousands, of people, pass through the mats every day. The rubber borders are an extension of the rubber backing. They last well, wear easily, and require little maintenance. Although Fashion mats are often used in areas with less rolling traffic (carts and dollies, hand trucks, etc.), they can still be used in high-traffic areas.

The look is another factor in deciding between the Waterhog Classic Fashion Mats and the Waterhog Classic Mats. This is subjective. The black rubber border is preferred by some people because it gives the mat a traditional look, and contrasts well with the surface material, surface pattern, and/or frames of the mat. The matching fabric edge is preferred by those who prefer it because it blends with the rest of the mat. This gives the edge an almost rugs-like appearance.

No matter what style you choose – be it the traditional black rubber beveled edges, or matching fabric borders – these Waterhog mats can remove dirt, debris, and moisture from your shoes, regardless of where they are placed, weather, or the environment.