5 Signs Your House Has A Blocked Drain
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5 Signs Your House Has A Blocked Drain

There are many ways to unblock blocked drains. But some drains can’t be unlocked by you. Although you have many DIY methods to try, such as clearing out the pipe or removing the bend, it is often best to let a professional plumber handle the task.

These five signs are a sign that your drain is blocked. It’s better to call an experienced plumber than try DIY solutions that could cause even more damage.

1. The Products You Find On The Shelves Aren’t Good Enough

Most of us will rush to the supermarket to pick up a bottle of drain unblocking solutions when faced with a clogged drain. These are often great for smaller blocked drains and can be used to solve the problem in as little as 10 min. These solutions may not be effective in all cases and your drain will remain blocked. They can also be a scam as they work for only a week, then the drain will become blocked again. A professional cleaning may be required, and the pipes should not be disassembled to fix the problem.

2. Plunging Didn’t Work

If you’ve tried plunging but failed to solve the problem you might need professional help. Properly plunging is efficient. A professional plumber knows how to resolve the problem. Plunging is a dirty job. It’s better to let a professional do it.

3. Many Tools Are Available To Help You Unblock The Problem

It is possible to ask for help if you have purchased one of these tools, but you aren’t getting the results that you require. Although drain unblocking instruments are useful and can resolve many blocked drains easily, they can be very expensive and can cause damage to your pipes. Given the fact that unblocking all drains is expensive, it’s sometimes worth calling a plumber first. This will save you from spending excessive amounts on products to unblock a drain.

4. You Get Frustrated With The Blockage

If you’ve tried clearing the drain yourself but haven’t had any luck, frustration can set in. This could be a problem for your mental health. You may want to call a plumber before frustration escalates into stress. A blocked drain in Sydney may not seem to be a major problem at first but it will cause you irritation and make it difficult to clean up or use the bathroom.

5. The Smell Is Getting Stronger From The Blockage

If the blockage smells, it’s time to call a professional plumber. Bad smells from drains may have a serious impact on your life and quality of work. However, this is worth it for the one-time emergency plumbing call-out fee. You can let odors travel throughout your home, so don’t wait too long.

Are These Signs A Sign That You Need To Call A Plumber?

You should choose a plumber who you trust and who is near you to prevent a second blockage. Experience is the best thing a plumber can do to fix a blocked drain. A plumber will use methods you may have tried before, including plunging. But, the skills that you have gained by drain unblocking on a regular schedule will ensure that the job gets done efficiently. Furthermore, a plumber can disassemble pipes and diagnose the problem. The plumber will then be able to safely reassemble the pipes. It is possible to try to take the drain apart yourself, but it can be quite difficult to put the pipes back on. In the worst case, a leak can occur which could cause more problems.